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Mally Roncal Celebrity Makeup Artist. Master's class at Henri Bendel, NYC
Arianne Bechel - Makeup Artist
About the Artist

Arianne’s talent for creative makeup application has been transforming women for the past 15 years.  Her skill and personal commitment to making every woman look her best has catapulted Arianne as one of the leading makeup artists in the Long Island area.  Her husband and son are her biggest supporters.  She is known for her uncanny ability to elevate the self-confidence of women by the expert application of products and enhancing the appearance of each client.  

  At an early age, Arianne was fascinated with makeup.  Ari, as she is fondly known to friends and family, was born in Panama to parents with very limited finances.  Her mother was an early inspiration for her interest in makeup. No matter what the occasion, Ari’s mother would apply her make up with great detail and walked out the door feeling confident and self-assured.   This early impression left Arianne with the understanding of the impact that makeup has on your self-image.  At the age of ten, Arianne began experimenting with products from her local discount beauty shop and drugstore. Without assistance, she discovered how to blend various products to produce the effect of the more expensive beauty lines.  These early experiments were the foundation that provided Arianne with the ability to be creative, and thus, being the artist she is today.  Everything about makeup captivated her. 

  Before her entry into freelance makeup artistry, Arianne was inspired by the discipline she observed from students at a local martial arts school. As she observed these students training through the window, something sparked a desire within her.  She registered for her first karate class the very next day.  There was no foreknowledge that martial arts would produce such dedication and discipline in Arianne or that she would devote her life to achieving many goals in the pursuit of this endeavor.

  She currently holds a Black belt (Dan rank) in Shotokan Karate, Shorin-Ryu, Iaido, Shin-Ken-Ryu; a second degree Black belt (Ni Dan) in Double Dragon Kenpo, and received first and second place in forms and sparring for 2007 and 2010 Shorin-Ryu regional tournaments. Arianne is a respected Sensei at the dojo where she trains.  Today she teaches young children and adults how to achieve focus, confidence, self-esteem, and personal growth through the practice of martial arts. She is now studying the art of Kaze no Ryu Bugei Ogawa ha.

  Arianne followed her entrepreneurial spirit by opening her own business: Beauty Make Up Artistry by Arianne.   Her clientele has increased progressively through word-of-mouth as countless satisfied clients continue to promote her services based on her amazing talents and sensible prices.  As she continues to grow in her field, her expertise is in high demand.  Recently, she had an unforgettable experience meeting her idol and renowned celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal.  

  “My goal in life is to make you gorgeous” is Arianne’s motto.  Before she picks up a single brush to begin her work, this is the basis of her commitment.  Arianne’s passion for being a makeup artist is her never-ending desire to make each woman look her best.  You will walk out the door feeling absolutely confident and knowing that you are indeed --“gorgeous”.

Written by:
Gina Jollofsky
(Sister and #1 fan)

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My Sister Gina Before
My Sister after on her wedding day
My Sister Gina Jollofsky before and after on her wedding day.
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