Wedding Tips and Ideas to look and feel your absolute best:
At least two (2) months prior to the wedding date, have a preview makeover with a wedding makeup artist.  Bring a picture of yourself or from a magazine that can better help you choose the look you desire. 

If you prefer to do your own wedding makeup, do have a makeup lesson by a wedding makeup artist two (2) to nine (9) months prior to the wedding date.  This gives you time to practice and still book an artist if you decide that your skills are not up for the big day.

If you decide to go for a facial, be sure to go at least two (2) weeks before the big day.

Drink plenty of water the week before your wedding and get as much rest as possible.

Use good skin care during the month preceding your wedding.  The makeup will sit much better if your skin is as flawless as possible and well hydrated.

Have your eyebrows plucked and shaped at least one (1) week before your wedding.  Don't pluck them the day of your wedding or you may end up with red bumps.

Do not get too much sun before your wedding. Sun burns, peeling skin and tan lines can sabotage your special day.

Do not use self-tanners the day of your wedding.  Your skin tone will change throughout the day and will be difficult to match.

Tanning looks artificial and hardly matches any bridal makeup charts.  It may also make you look harsh in photos.

Place damp Q-tips in a zip lock bag and place into the freezer. If you get a breakout on the day of your wedding do not pop it.  Instead us a cold cotton swab and place it on the pimple for at least 3 minutes to reduce swelling.  Afterwards place a couple of drops of Visine on the Q-tip and hold on the pimple for 3 minutes to get rid of the redness.  

In case of puffy eyes deflate bags by placing moisten, refrigerated tea bags on them for 10 minutes.

Use facial powder or blotting paper to prevent any shine on your face.

Keep lipstick, facial powder or blotting paper, tissue and Q-tips in your purse in case you need to freshen up.

Make sure you wear a button-down shirt when you have your make-up done.  This way you don't have to pull the shirt over your head and take the chance that you may mess up your make-up.  Before slipping into your gown, put a towel or sheet over your face so you won't get any makeup on your gown.

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